Tax Resolution

Individuals and businesses usually have to face the IRS for one of two reasons: they received an IRS notice stating they did not pay their tax bill or because they haven’t filed a tax return for several years. Most people dread this confrontation. Let’s look at a common example.

A taxpayer (Mr. Brown) came into our office for help and we learned that, because he’d failed to include the income from his small business on several years of tax returns, he owed approximately $70,000. With the IRS questioning his accounting, Mr. Brown asked us to represent him before the IRS to establish a plan for submitting the tax returns and paying his tax bill.

We were able to get the amount owed reduced to approximately $14,000 and a plan to pay his tax bill.

If you receive a notice from the IRS and don’t understand it, engage a professional to help you through the process. Our firm will analyze your situation and ensure you receive the best results possible regarding your issue. Remember, the WORST thing you can do is ignore that letter and let the IRS resolve the issue for you.

Although total fees will vary based on your situation, we can give you an estimate of how long a session you need to help you plan.

If you’re having issues with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authority, contact us today to schedule a session to explore your options.